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Dr. Koncz
Law Firm
Dr. Koncz
Law Firm
Want to clearly see your legal options and their prospected consequences?
  • Provide us all the details so that we can analyze your problem and give you legal advice, then if you agree to work with us,
  • we make the best possible steps for your case.
  • Be it incorporation, property sale or criminal charge, our firm will stand for you strenuously, thus saving you time and money.

  • dr. Koncz
    The founder and chief attorney of the firm, dr. Koncz Tibor had graduated the Szeged University Faculty of Law and Political Sciences in 2007 then collected extensive practical experience at acclaimed Budapest law offices in the fields of civil and criminal cases, commercial and corporate procedures and out of court settlements.
    Representing the dr. Koncz Tibor Law Firm he's been attorney for domestic and foreign clients successfully since 2012.
    The dr. Koncz Tibor Law Firm has been successfully acting on behalf of its clients in all kinds of legal cases since its start in February 2012. Our office located in the 16th district operates a diverse practice concentrated mainly on civil, corporal and criminal areas of the law, protecting private individuals, businesses, organizations and authorities alike. We provide all around legal services to our clients, enabling them to have their best interests represented efficiently and quickly.
    Why choose us?
  • We are 100 per cent dedicated towards our assigned cases from the very start untill its closure. Your success is a matter of prestige for us
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    We offer fair and reasonable prices always negotiated in advance so that our clients would have one less variable to worry about
  • During the procedure we take care of everything that needs to be undertaken (e.g. editing and forwarding documents, meeting with specialists) while keeping you updated
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  • Our client oriented firm acts for you with the highest expertise, felxibility, speed and efficiency
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  • To be able to reach the highest legal efficiency we utilize our extensive network of connections for your cause. Our firm maintains close cooperation with a wide range of institutes, advisors and specialists (e.g. property market, credit, tax, customs or technological specialists), we even have access to the services of forensic experts if needed
  • dr. koncz ügyvédi iroda kérjen ajánlatot
    dr. koncz ügyvédi iroda kérjen ajánlatot
    We hereby inform the visitors of this page that the content on this website can not be interpreted as official legal advice. This website purely aims to introduce our law firm and to be a source of general information about us. This webpage has been created by strictly following the 2/2001 (IX. 3.) directive of the Hungarian Bar Association about the permitted content of websites for attorneys.

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